Thank you for helping us to create a pleasant, safe, nurturing environment for everyone, by observing the following DO's and DONT's



NYSY follows a strict Health & Hygiene protocol in regards to COVID 19.

We follow all governmental and Health department guidelines and precautions.

As our NYSY doors re-open for classes we kindly ask that you:

Bring your own or towel mat for practice.

Bring your own bottle or kindly purchase a NYSY metal bottle to use with our water filter.

Wear your own slippers for walking around the bathroom and common area floors.


  • DO arrive a few minutes before class time. Sorry, you will not be able to enter a class once the door closes.
  • DO remove your shoes outside of the studio, then please bring them in on the shelves.
  • DO turn off your cellular phone COMPLETELY before entering the studio. No messages, beeps, or vibrations, please, so we can maintain a calm atmosphere everywhere in the studio. Even in the dressing rooms – please DO speak in low tone.
  • DO wear comfortable clothes. Do take care of your personal hygiene. Remember: Cleanliness is godliness!
  • DO bring your own towel and mat. If you use one of our mats please clean it after the class
  • DO take care of your bills and payments before your class begins.
  • DO schedule appointments in advance for classes that require appointments or for massage.
  • DO call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment; otherwise, you will be charged in full.
  • DO inform your teachers about any past injuries or aches or exercises that you are not able to perform.
  • DO ask the receptionist if you would like to book a private session or massage, and do not approach the teachers or massage therapists directly.
  • DO bring, your own bottle in order to drink filtered water. Otherwise, please wash your glass for the next person.
  • DO assist us in keeping the space clean and peaceful for everyone’s well-being.
  • DO remember the Zen saying: LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND.
  • DO avoid leaving personal items in the changing room when you leave. The Lost & Found basket is emptied at the end of each week and items are given or thrown away.
    NOTE:   The studio is not held responsible for any lost items or mats.
  • DO take your mat home with you for the summer when the downstairs storage space is emptied.
  • DO put props (blocks, belts, etc.) back in their place after the class.
  • DO remember that your monthly packages expire within 30 days and there are no extensions. Sorry, not even if you happen to be ill.
  • DO NOT wear perfume or fragrant products and creams or lotions in order to maintain a neutral and pleasant atmosphere for everyone, especially for those who suffer from allergies.
  • DO NOT bring food or coffee and other drinks into the studio. Water only please.
  • DO NOT eat for at least two to three hours before class.
  • DO NOT leave before the class has finished.
  • DO NOT push yourself beyond your limits. PLEASE feel no pressure or need to compete in your practice with other students or with yourself. Try to listen to your needs and pace yourself accordingly. Make your practice pleasant, joyful, restorative, and therapeutic.


It could be for better physical and mental health or the cultivation of kindness, patience, and more empathy towards ourselves and others


Welcome to NYSY!
thank you for your understanding and cooperation