300 Hour Abhaya Yoga

300 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma

Solid Teaching Trunk

200 Hour Yoga TT graduates obtain the 300 hr Diploma after following

100 hours of Teaching Skills

Open to teachers of all levels each of these programs will add a ring of knowledge,  practical experience, and confidence to the trunk of  your teaching!

Broaden your Horizon

Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

Become an Excellent Yoga Teacher

In this 100 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training program you will practice teaching and hone your skills, overcome your fears and doubts, find your teaching voice, and take the seat of the yoga teacher with confidence, and thus step up as a fully prepared, safe, and strong yoga teacher. 



300 Series Electives:

Elect the courses that will add to your teaching

Any 3 Modules, 30 hours each, taken in any order, plus 1 credit for the paper you will write.

  •  Teaching Skills #300  —Sequencing &  Adjustments for Excellence, 33 hours
  • Teaching Skills #301 —Teach different levels, ages, styles-Dynamic to Restorative, 30 hours
  • Teaching Skills #302   —Subtle Body Anatomy: Τeach with a deeper understanding, 33 hours
  • Teaching Skills #303   —Therapeutic Exercises for Pain & Injury: Head to Toes, 30 hours
  • Teaching Skills #304 — Meditation: Different approaches & teaching methods, 30 hours


Develop a Solid Teaching Trunk.

Sharpen your teaching skills.

Create and teach complete sequences.

Learn safe adjustments.

Become an Excellent Yoga Teacher.

Empowerment through Yoga: Experience it. Teach it.

Your Teachers Invite you to…

“Be an Island of Excellence”

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD,  in his book, “The Secret of the Yoga Sutra” writes that a human being is an island of Excellence;  through the practice of yoga we get to shine with our true  unique excellence.

In this training program you will sharpen your teaching skills, improve your teaching voice, learn how to teach the whole A-Z vinyasa sequence, and how to create your own, and make appropriate safe adjustments.  You will overcome your fears and doubts, perfect your teaching voice, and shine as an excellent strong yoga teacher.

 This is a Higher Education Teaching course that can apply for your 300 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Certification through NYSY Academy and Yoga Alliance. 

We will immerse ourselves in practice and study, against the backdrop of this incredible nature setting.   We will be nurtured with good food, and the great company of humans, animals and plants, an ideal setting for learning and growth.  You will emerge as a more confidence and empowered yoga teacher.

 Yoga teachers in this program are supported to teach the whole A-Z complete sequence, to deliver a whole class with a well balanced flow, safe adjustments, a confident voice, and the stance of a strong teacher. 

 You will be taught a complete sequence so you can go on and create your own.

Learn how to create powerful themes and asana sequences for all types of yoga classes.

You will learn to apply safe and efficient adjustments, both verbal and manual, for ALL categories of Asanas, based on precise and correct alignment. 

All yoga teachers, new and experienced, will greatly improve their teaching skills and ability to work more efficiently with students of different levels and needs.


300 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teachers Diploma

    •  Learn to teach a complete A-Z Vinyasa Sequence

    •  Class Structure

    •  Asana Sequencing

    •  Creating Themes

    • Correct use of Alignment Principles

    • Voice & Language

    • Observation Skills

    • One to One & Group Teaching

    • Verbal and Manual Adjustments for all Asana Caterogories

    • Taking the Seat of the Teacher

Embody the 6 Steps of the Abhaya Empowering Philosophy

We will be uplifted by the Tantric philosophy on intrinsic goodness

Practice Tantric & Zen Meditation

Study and embody the 4 Yoga Qualities, and the 6 Heroic Virtues of Zen

*If you are following this as a Course for Credit, the following are necessary. 

Basic Anatomy Studies

Yoga Teachers 200 Hour Diploma

Other Movement Teacher Certificate

*If you want to deepen your yoga practice, speak to us about attendance.

Full Program Attendance

Successful Completion of Class Assignments

After you successfully fulfill all the program requirements you will obtain:


NYSY Academy of Hatha Yoga:       30 Hour Credit for your 300 or 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance:                                     30 Hour Continuing Education Credit


After 100 Hours of Teaching Skills programs, you can obtain your 300 Hour Yoga Teachers Certification.


Or apply this training towards your 500 Hour Certification.



Empowerment through Yoga: Experience it. Teach it.

“This training made me love yoga and teaching more. It helped me shift to a more positive way of thinking and stand strong as a yoga teacher. The knowledge I received is exactly what a yoga teacher should possess!”


Work as a Volunteer Worker Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Take action and make a difference!

As you step out into the world, during and after your studies, before you enroll into a 500 Hour Program, take the time to offer your services as a volunteer. 

If you have followed the Tree of Studies of Abhaya Yoga and NYSY Academy, you have probably already volunteered and made a difference in someone’s world.  Congratulations!

With your 300 Hour Abhaya Yoga TT program

*30 Hours teaching yoga as a volunteer, ideally to a special group or individual who could benefit, but would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Abhaya Action

"A very valuable, high-level training skills program. Full of great information with sophisticated, precise instruction on all aspects of teaching. As a yoga teacher, it gave me great practice and confidence. "