303 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teaching Skills #303 Therapeutics Immersion
Subtle Body Anatomy, Energy Channels & Therapeutics

For Yoga-Pilates-Movement Teachers and Practitioners

A 40  Hour course from the program 100 Hour Teaching Skills in Excellence

 We will study the Physical and Energetic Anatomy of the human body, and use the yogic practice of awareness in Embodied Movement, on this journey of exploration, detection, and reconnection—all important tools for today’s yoga teachers and movement professionals. 

“Trust yourself in the practice of teaching,

and grow as an excellent yoga teacher”


A few words about this Program

In this Teachings Skills in Excellence program we will explore, study, and embody:

  • Our Physical and Energetic or Subtle Body–Nadis (vital energy channels), Chakras (vital energy centers), Bindus, energy currents, Kundalini
  • Feel, and understand the inner body, as the root or source of any disorder
  • Learn methods of detection, becoming AWARE of the Subtle body & blockages
  • Learn specific asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques for restoring balance
  • Structure a yoga class following the stairway of the Energy Center

Our invitation to you…

The Trunk Program in our Tree of Studies correlates to the HEART of Abhaya!

Heart=Connection with the Truth of our heart. Iccha.  

In this program we will get to understand the Heart as simply the path of awareness of our Energy or Subtle Body.  Awareness brings healing and flow to blocked parts of our being, which we normally perceive as pain and discomfort.  This is the innermost, essential first step in healing ourselves and sharing a therapeutic practice with others. 

303 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teachers Diploma

Even though this course is part of a complete Teacher Training Path, this course is really open to anyone and everyone.

A deep exploration into the human body.

Our Subtle (or “Energy”) Body is that numinous entity, which contains and pervades us, literally animating our physical body through its vital flow.

In this Immersion Course, we intend to delve deeply into its study, and get to know it intimately, through the timeless wisdom of the Yogic Tradition, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and creative interactive discussion. And, hopefully, we  are going to experience what the renowned Yoga Teacher Richard Freeman says: “The Subtle Body in yoga is not only the secret to the optimal functioning and alignment of the body; it is the key to delight, love, understanding and good relationships.”

At this program you will delve into an exploration of the human body from the gross to the subtle level. 

Specifically, we are going to look into:

  • Our Subtle Body as a “map” of the Cosmos
  • Subtle Body anatomy: Nadis (vital energy channels), Chakras (vital energy centers), Bindus, energy currents, Kundalini
  • Subtle Body exploration, from the toes up to the crown of the head, following the path of the Energy Centers
  • The role of each Energy Center in our consciousness
  • Investigation of the relationship of each Energy Center with the corresponding locuses and vital organs in the physical body
  • How to experience the Subtle Body through specific “doorways” in the physical body
  • Specific asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, as well as positive affirmations, for awakening, activating and balancing each Energy Center
  • How to structure a yoga class following the stairway of the Energy Centers

Daily, we will study and practice Pranayama and Meditation techniques, drawing from the rich classical texts of Hatha and Tantra.  For each part of the subtle and physical body we are exploring, we will practice an appropriate technique that brings awareness and energy to the particular area.

The Energy centers pertain to the uplifting Philosophy of Classical Hatha and Tantra Yoga, from which we will draw inspiration.

Look at the reading list for preparation and exploration.

  • Yoga of the Subtle Body, A Guide to the Physical and Energetic Anatomy of Yoga by Tias Little
  • Chakra Yoga, by Anodea Judith
  • Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith




If you are following this as a Course for Credit or Certification, the following are necessary. 

  • Basic Anatomy Studies
  • Yoga Teachers 200 Hour Diploma
  • Other Movement Teacher Certificate
  • Full Program Attendance
  • Successful Completion of Projects
  • Passing Written, Practical, and Teaching Exams


After you successfully fulfill all the program requirements you will obtain 33 hr Credit for:

 NYSY Academy of Hatha Yoga:       300 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma, or credit for your

                                                            500 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma

Yoga Alliance:                                    100 Hour of Higher Education Credit for your

500 Hours Hatha Yoga Teachers Certification

Or: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education


Join an Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training Program! 
Empowerment through Yoga: Experience it… Teach it.


Work as a Volunteer Worker Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Take action and make a difference!

As you step out into the world, during and after your studies, before you enroll into a 500 Hour Program, take the time to offer your services as a volunteer. 

If you have followed the Tree of Studies of Abhaya Yoga and NYSY Academy, you have probably already volunteered and made a difference in someone’s world.  Congratulations!

Abhaya Action

The most fulfilling and powerful part of this teacher training program for me, was the chance I had to volunteer and get close to people that I would not have a chance to meet otherwise. I have learned so much and connected so deeply, that I felt it was me who was benefiting from it. They gave me so much joy. I had never felt my heart so open before!