302 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teaching Skills #302— Teaching Diversity

Different people, needs, levels


 A 30 Hour course from the program 100 Hour Teaching Skills in Excellence

 Adopt any sequence or create your own class for

For diverse levels, ages, and needs

Start thinking creatively

Learn to teach the person in front of you

Develop a strong Trunk as a confident yoga teacher


“Trust yourself in the practice of teaching,

and grow as an excellent yoga teacher” 


A few words about this Program

In this Teachings Skills in Excellence program you will…

Learn how to adopt the complete A-Z sequence to the needs of your students

Start thinking creatively and independently

Do research and find sources and guidance as a teacher

Create & teach a class for…

  • Different people with different needs: Athletic to Restorative
  • Different levels: Beginning to Advanced
  • Different ages:  Young to mature
  • Different backgrounds, professions, and body requirements

Our invitation to you…

The Trunk Program in our Tree of Studies correlates to the HEART of Abhaya!

Heart= Connection with the Truth of our heart. Iccha.

As genuine Yoga Teachers we connect with our Heart Desire to Empower and Uplift ourselves and other beings. We accomplish it by learning to teach a whole sequence, step by step, and gaining confidence in expressing ourselves. 

What makes an excellent yoga teacher? Practice and coming straight from the Heart!

302 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teachers Diploma

New and experienced teachers can improve their teaching skills through this training  program.   

This is a Higher Education Teaching course that can apply for your 300 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Certification through NYSY Academy and Yoga Alliance. 

Daily we will:

  • Sit in Meditation
  • Practice Asana
  • Listen, experiment
  • Do research
  • Practice teaching
  • Work with partners & in groups


At the end of this program you will know how to:

  • Teach the A-Z sequence for different levels of students—Beginning to advanced
  • Create stages and modifications for complex asanas
  • Plan your own sequence for the needs of your students
  • Teach personalized sessions
  • Have confidence to teach diverse people with diverse needs and levels
We will delve into more advance pranayama and meditation techniques from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra— Important Texts in Tantra and Hatha Yoga

We will study the uplifting philosophy of classical Tantric Philosophy and Zen Texts

We will study and discuss the path of Abhaya Yoga—Fearless Stance & Action 

We will form a circle of Empowerment, connecting with the heart energy of the group to overcome obstacles and embody a fearless way of being in the world.


If you are following this as a Course for Credit or Certification, the following are necessary. 

  • Basic Anatomy Studies
  • Yoga Teachers 200 Hour Diploma
  • Other Movement Teacher Certificate
  • Full Program Attendance
  • Successful Completion of Projects
  • Passing Written, Practical, and Teaching Exams


  • After you successfully fulfill all the program requirements you will obtain 33 hr Credit for:


    NYSY Academy of Hatha Yoga:       300 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma, or credit for your

                                                                500 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma

    Yoga Alliance:                                    100 Hour of Higher Education Credit for your

    500 Hours Hatha Yoga Teachers Certification


Join an Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training Program! 
Empowerment through Yoga: Experience it… Teach it.


Work as a Volunteer Worker Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Take action and make a difference!

As you step out into the world, during and after your studies, before you enroll into a 500 Hour Program, take the time to offer your services as a volunteer. 

If you have followed the Tree of Studies of Abhaya Yoga and NYSY Academy, you have probably already volunteered and made a difference in someone’s world.  Congratulations!

Abhaya Action

The most fulfilling and powerful part of this teacher training program for me, was the chance I had to volunteer and get close to people that I would not have a chance to meet otherwise. I have learned so much and connected so deeply, that I felt it was me who was benefiting from it. They gave me so much joy. I had never felt my heart so open before!