at zen rocks

Zen Rocks  is the dream child of visionary couple,  Vivi Letsou , yoga master teacher & educator, longtime Zen meditator, and  Eraj Shakib , creative and compassionate entrepreneur.

After 22 years in San Francisco, Vivi and Eraj left their respective careers in film-making and high-tech marketing to come to Greece and establish  NYSY Studios & Academy for Yoga and Pilates , and  Avocado Vegetarian Café  both bright centers in the heart of Athens, beacons of community and positive living. Their goal has always been to support people to find their true, joyful, giving, and compassionate self. 

This particular gaia/earth in Mani invited them strongly back in 2007. Accepting the land’s invitation, they vowed to build a retreat that would make it possible for people to come and enjoy the stunning and healing qualities of this rare place.  They are now in the great position to invite you to enjoy the absolute beauty of nature, swim in exquisite beaches, walk, hike, enjoy sports like bicycling and kayaking, visit nearby charming villages, ancient sites and byzantine churches or simply relax and let the magical essence of this place heal you.  Few places can match the quietness and tranquility of this heavenly olive grove.

Building this retreat is a dream born out of the wish to see us as people regain our potential to be happy and whole, and rediscover our own excellence.  Also, to see humanity rediscover the way to live in harmony with nature and other beings, without using and abusing animals, resources, and other beings on the way.  Planetary happiness starts by reconnecting with our own personal well-being, our natural joie-de-vivre!  And thus we start. 


Your coming to Zen Rocks is our dream come true!

Zen Rocks is offering and welcoming various well being and spiritual paths.


The following are practiced and offered on a daily basis: 

Abhaya Yoga

basi pilates

zen meditation

Open Heart or Tantric Meditation

Welcome to this healing Earth…

It was a strong call to come, build, and inhabit the earth here, mother Gaia, relish her healing beauty and serenity, accept her invitation to cultivate deep practice through yoga, healthy nutrition, massage, community work, uplifting music and song, and, primarily, meditation.

Accommodations at Zen Rocks Mani Retreat are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious.  It took a battle with the Giants to overcome many obstacles and succeed in completing this first phase of building this retreat.  Recourses are expensive and we picked the best materials and craftsmanship, so I hope when you try to invite your friends and students, they will understand that they will be staying in a hand carved paradise on earth.