Efi Spiliopoulou

NYSY Academy & Studio Manager, Abhaya Yoga Certified Teacher 500hr


Efi is NYSY Studio and NYSY Academy Manager.
She is responsible for the organization, management and day-to-day operation of the
Studio office and Academy co-ordination as well as the planning of training courses
and seminars for
Yoga and Pilates.
She co-ordinating BASI Pilates Teacher Training Courses and ABHAYA Yoga
Teacher Training Courses at NYSY Academy. She is also a certified 500hr Yoga
teacher and teaches Abhaya Yoga classes at NYSY Studios
Efi was born and raised in Athens. She studied at St.George Commercial College in
the Department of Administration and Public Relations. She has been working as a
personal assistant in a Consulting Engineers Firm for many years.
Traveling to India in 2000, she first tried yoga and meditation and decided that this is
the path she wants to follow in her life. She has been taught different methods of
meditation, relaxation and reiki techniques at the Osho Mediation Center in Pune,
India. She completed the 200hr Hatha & Raja Yoga Teacher School at the non-profit
Harmonic Life Association (2002) and the 150hr IAFA College Yoga Teacher
Training (2005). At the same time she continued to study meditation and philosophy

courses at Omilos Meleton, Philosophy School. She has also studied different yoga
systems with many teachers in Greece and abroad.
In 2004 she meets Vivi Letsou, and NYSY community, who teaches her the
philosophy of Abhaya Yoga and she completes the 300hr Abhaya Yoga
Teacher Training at NYSY Academy (2016). After completing the course, she
begins teaching the Abhaya Yoga system!
In her classes she emphasizes in the perfect alignment of body and mind,
through practice, but also a fearless and upright stance in life not only for her
students but also herself! Αbhaya !!!