Artemis Papadakou

Pilates Teacher

ABOUT Artemis

Since she was a teenager, Artemis was passionate about fitness. She loved experimenting with all new fitness trends on her own, and with the confidence of a pro, she created her own routine and observed the impact of movement on the human body. She was on her first-year as student  at the History & Archaeology department of the University of Athens, when she accompanied her grandma to a Pilates class instructed by Maro Stogiannidou, an exceptional teacher, and saw for the first time what it means to work out and have absolute control over your mind& body. For Artemis and Pilates, it was love at first sight, and that’s how she decided to become a teacher. Within the next years she completed her training on matwork and equipment, using Alan Herdman’s method.

In 2014, upon obtaining of her bachelor’s degree and completing her Pilates and anatomy courses, she moved to London, to conclude her mentoring program with Alan Herdman himself. At his Marble Arch & Canary Wharf studios, she had multiple private classes with him, while also attending group classes, both as a participant and as a trainee.

After working for a couple of months in various London pilates studios, she returned to Greece and worked as a Pilates instructor for Holmes Place, Gym Tonic and Studio Mix. In 2016 she moved to Mykonos to work for Bodywork gym, where she stayed for 4 years. The demand for high-level fitness from visitors of the island, showed Artemis that she needed to develop a more holistic and dynamic teaching approach, with better resonance among her international audience. During a seminar at NYSY,  she got introduced to Basi system and in 2018 she started and completer her Basi Comprehensive Teacher Training and brought her teaching skills to a whole new level.

Returning from Mykonos to Athens in 2020, and having obtained years of great teaching experience, she started giving private and group classes, with NYSY studio as her base.