200 Hour Abhaya Yoga

Teacher in Training

Roots of Yoga

English, Zen Rocks Retreat, 15 days

Live & through Zoom

Connect with the Roots of Yoga. Embody the power of our yoga practice!

In a verdant paradise, follow your dream, immerse yourself in yoga, and experience a full transformation!

200 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher in Training

English, Zen Rocks Retreat, 15 days

In these 200  Hours of training, we study the roots of yoga and build a strong foundation.  Through embodied practice we connect with the roots of our own power.

Start teaching from Day 1. 

Practice and teach the complete A-Z Mixed Vinyasa Sequence of Abhaya Yoga.

In each module we focus on a new Asana category (backbends, inversions, etc.)

Practice  Motto:  Strong Body—Clear Mind—Open Heart.  

This 200 Hour program includes the Immersion program, the foundation course.

Vivi teaching                           1,990€

On Line Program                     1,190€

Class Package                              50% of listed price after program enrollment


Prior yoga practice is recommended.

Anatomy Studies, a fundamental course.

Full Program Attendance

Successful Completion of Projects &

Passing Written, Practical, and Teaching Exams

20 Hours of Volunteer work in a program of your choice, benefiting other beings.


Live or Through Zoom           

Written                                     20€

Practical                                    30€

Teaching                                   50€

Total Testing Cost                   100€

After you successfully fulfill all the program requirements you will obtain:

NYSY Academy of Hatha Yoga:           200 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher, (Beginning Teacher)

Yoga Alliance:                                     200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification

Now you can start teaching and offer your services to gain experience.

Next step: Sharpen your teaching skills with the next 100 Hours of Teaching Skills.

Embodied Asana Practice: Strong Alignment –Fearless Action

–   Strengthen Your Practice in all Asana Categories

–   A-Z  Vinyasa Sequence:  Learn a complete practice

–    The 10 Key Principles of Alignment of Abhaya Yoga

–    Application of Alignment Principles in all Asana Categories

–   Warm Up Exercises

–   Sun Salutations

–   Standing

–   Hip Openers

–   Inversions

–   Arm Balances

–   Backbends

–   Seated forward folds & Twists

–   Restoratives

–   Basic Sanskrit and names for Yoga poses

–   Fundamentals of Teaching & Sequencing

–   Develop a strong Personal Practice of Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

You will understand the dynamics of practice and have a strong & healthy daily practice

Anatomy/Subtle Body Anatomy

  • Anatomy Fundamentals: Skeletal Muscular Systems, Joints
  • Subtle Body Anatomy—5 Koshas, Chakras, Energy Channels
  • Pranayama & Meditation

Sanskrit & Chanting

You will learn basic Sanskrit, names of asanas, and experience the power of sound, Vac,  through both Sanskrit and Kirtan. 

Yoga History and Philosophy

–     Yoga History & Philosophy

–     Classical Yoga Sutras, Eightfold Path of Patanjali

–     Zen, Buddhism, Eightfold Path of Buddhism

–     Βhagavad Gita

–     Tantric Philosophy 

–     The studies of Shakti power & God & Goddess mythology will help you connect with your inner power and overcome limitations

–     Abhaya Path: Strong Alignment-Fearless Action


Work as a Volunteer Worker Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Take action and make a difference!

As you step out into the world, during and after your studies, before you enroll into a 500 Hour Program, take the time to offer your services as a volunteer. 

If you have followed the Tree of Studies of Abhaya Yoga and NYSY Academy, you have probably already volunteered and made a difference in someone’s world.  Congratulations!

With your 200 Hour Abhaya Yoga TT program

*20 Hours as a general volunteer first, offering your time and work at any organization or cause of your choice.

Abhaya Action

The most fulfilling and powerful part of this teacher training program for me, was the chance I had to volunteer and get close to people that I would not have a chance to meet otherwise. I have learned so much and connected so deeply, that I felt it was me who was benefiting from it. They gave me so much joy. I had never felt my heart so open before!

6 Steps to Empowerment

(or finding the Middle Path to Freedom)

Body – Mind – Heart with the highest power!

Practice: Dynamic & Appropriate. Body Principles of Alignment.                         (Body is the Vehicle of life and enlightenment)

Connection with the Truth of our heart. Iccha.    (Heart is the spring through which the Divine stream flows)

Upright Stance in Life. Ethics. 8fold Path.

to Meditation

Fearless Action. Our Best Effort for all beings.                                  (Bodhisattva effort, the work of the Spiritual Hero)


Empowerment through Yoga: Experience it. Teach it.