500 Hours Advanced Teachers Diploma

Οctober 27, 2017 – May  28, 2018   200 Hour Mentor Program for Yoga Teachers & Serious Practitioners Leading to 500 Hour Advanced Teachers Diploma (if you have already completed a 300 hour TT Training)   with Vivi Letsou B.S., M.A., 500 RYT, Creator of Abhaya Yoga     This program is addressed to mature yoga teachers -from any yoga school and system- with teaching experience. It is an invitation not only to become better teachers and yogis, but to evolve our practice through a deeper dimension. We will get strength, energy, and a strong trigger to return to our center. By connecting with the source, we will gain new inspiration for our teaching, new interest, vitality and grounding in NOW.   PART A.   6 Weekends, 120 Hours     1. October 27-29, 2017  PranaShakti: Connecting, Moving, & Teaching from the Inside Connecting with Universal & Personal Prana, teaching through the flow of Prana and Prana Vayus. Self Protection & Nourishment.   2. November 24-26 Adjustments Α: Alignment & Flow of Healing   Adjusting the physical body, observing the flow of energy, and guiding the process of alignment & healing.   3. December 15-17 Adjustments Β: Manual & Verbal Once we see proper alignment, … Continue reading 500 Hours Advanced Teachers Diploma