300 Hours

  100 Hour Yoga Teaching Skills     leading to   300 Hour   Yoga Teachers’ Diploma         Sharpening our Skills, Blossoming as Teachers     March – May 2019 6 Weekends, 8.30am-6pm 8-10 March: Sequencing – Backbends 29 – 31 March: Inversions 5-7 April: Arm Balances 19-21 April: Seated, Twists, Forward Bends 3- 5 May: Mixed Vinyasa Sequence 17-19 May: Test in Teaching & Restorative Exercises or Yoga Life Retreat. This 100 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teaching Skills program fully prepares you to be an excellent Yoga Teacher. Through progressive drills and teaching exercises, inspiring lectures and teaching methodology, you learn to perfect your teaching skills, overcome your fears and doubts and blossom as an excellent teacher. Even for experienced yoga teachers, this course will give you extra confidence in all aspects of teaching, and will empower you with new fearless inspiration.   Level 1: Class Sequencing, Themes, & Teaching Methods Topics Covered: Class Structure. Asana Sequencing. Creating Themes. Voice & Language. Observation Skills. Alignment Review. Adjustments. One to One & Group Teaching. Abhaya 6 Steps: From Alignment to Action.   Level 2: Adjustments & Therapeutics Topics Covered: Therapeutics for: knee, ankle, low back, shoulder, neck. Verbal and Manual Adjustments for each Asana Category. Use of Props. Modifications. Demos.   … Continue reading 300 Hours