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Efi Mavrogianni

Efi Mavrogianni

Efi discovered that Pilates strengthens the whole body and improves posture, while not compromising the safety of the spine. She had no choice but to give it a try! Efi fell in love with Pilates from the first session. Three years later, after having seen astonishing improvement in her body’s ability to move freely once again, she enrolled in Nysy Studios (Athens) to attend the BASI CTTC. She now wanted to learn everything about the method that had helped so much. With Efi’s background in dance and tennis, she was also inspired to study anatomy, for which BASI requires as a prerequisite. As soon as Efi completed the course, she began working at Nysy Studios where she continued her Pilates education.

Efi has never missed a chance to deepen her knowledge by repeating the BASI CTTC as a student, by attending workshops, and by taking sessions with her mentors. Efi is very interested in physical therapy, exercise physiology and the therapeutic side of Pilates. She has never stopped being an athlete and approaches Pilates with the same passion to excel. She loves challenging herself by exploring the more advanced repertoire through the Mentor Program, both in Athens and Costa Mesa. Efi loves learning, practicing, and teaching Pilates. She is equally available to every client from beginners to teacher trainees. She always gives her 100%. For Efi, every body has a different story, and every client gives her the opportunity to be a better teacher.

Efi was invited to join the BASI Faculty in 2013, which was a great honor for her. She practices Pilates daily, which keeps her strong and balanced in her mind, body and spirit. In her free time, Efi loves to stay active by walking and hiking. She unwinds by reading books and listening to music.


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