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NYSY – BASI Advanced Pilates Education with Ashley Ritchie, BASI FACULTY

Credit: 21 Hours

January 31st – February 2nd, 2020,

09:00-17:00 (1 hour break)


Friday, January 31st


” Overview of pregnancy

” Hormonal changes

” Conditions of concern

” Understanding the changes in the body

” Exercising correctly through 1st and 2nd trimester

” Repertoire


Saturday February, 2nd

” Prenatal class

” 2nd trimester continued

” 3rd trimester considerations

” Repertoire

Sunday February 3rd


” Labour and Birthing

” Labour and post birth hormones

” Natural and Caesarean Section

” Exercising post birth

” Diastasis Recti AND PSD

” Correcting Diastasis Recti

” Repertoire variation and modifications –

Mat and small apparatus

” Postnatal class

Cost: 580 euro, early bird until December 15th

650 euro, after+ V.A.T. 24%




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[email protected]


Ashley had a baby in her 20’s, a baby in her 30’s and a baby in her 40’s ~ These personal experiences spanning three very different adult life phases has provided her with a very unique insight and understanding into pregnancy & childbirth and its effects on the body

  • Her “Pilates and Pregnancy” journey began when she was asked to present at “Learn from the Leaders “ for BASI Pilates SA in 2007. The three hour workshop developed into a three day Pre and Postnatal Advanced Education Program for BASI.
  • Ashley was introduced to the BASI method of teaching by in 2000 by her mentor and inspiration Rael Isacowitz.
  • She has attended many workshops from “highly rated” presenters in this field to reaffirm the “Pilates through Pregnancy” content. Pilates through Pregnancy is one of the most popular and well attended course BASI SA runs.
  • The “Pilates Through Pregnancy And Beyond” has been presented by Ashley Ritchie around the world as far afield from the West Coast of America to Japan.

Prenatal Pilates through pregnancy

Choose how you would like to influence this new soul through the mother-to-be. The influence you have as a teacher on the expectant mothers state, which affects the unborn child, is immense. Aligning the principles and ethics of the BASI Pilates method can only bring about balance and harmony within and without.

Understanding the process the mother-to-be is going through within and the physical changes that pregnancy brings will give you the guideline within which to work. This Pilates through Pregnancy training will take you through the 3 trimesters, the ´Red Flag´conditions, exercise recommendations, modifications and assists. You will have a bag of tools from which you can create a harmonious and safe environment for mothers-to-be.

Post-Natal Pilates–Pilates beyond pregnancy

Post pregnancy has its own set of new challenges. The new mother finds herself in yet another body, with an ever demanding little human attached to her hip or breast as well as a husband who may be feeling neglected. How can you assist the mother to be with herself, to find her centre and to exercise safely through this period.

The body has undergone 9 months of reconstruction. The effects of pregnancy, birthing and lactating hormones will be discussed. Pilates beyond pregnancy will cover Diastasis Recti in detail. Exercise protocols through each scenario of birthing and Diastasis Recti will be covered. These tools will give you the opportunity to assist in resorting balance and harmony to making mother hood an experience worth having again. What an incredible gift of balance within and without that you could give.



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