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3 BASI PILATES WORKSHOPS with BRANDON GABLETuesday March 21: 13:00-16:00 pm–Workshop 1

Pilates and Weight Training: Bridging the Gap

Whether your main goal is to lose weight, tone up, pack on muscle, or combat osteoporosis you can get a whole body workout by mixing Pilates with weight training.

Brandon Gamble has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and as a certified personal trainer and Faculty Pilates teacher for BASI Pilates his expertise and extensive knowledge will guide you through the process of combining both.

Join us for this exciting workshop breaking down the basics of weight training to add in with your Pilates repertoire

Cost*: Early 75€, by Feb 20, 85€ after

*plus 24% VAT Tax



Friday March 24: 16:00-19:00 pm–Workshop 2

Optimum Shoulder Mechanics: Shoulder Scapular Stabilization

Scapular Stabilization – This mat/equipment workshop will develop the skills you need to counterbalance the effects of long hours spent in office settings and will provide exercise programming designed to support and facilitate a free, mobile, and well-functioning upper body.

Core strength has become the focus of many exercise programs today. However, instructors need to pay equal attention to the upper body. This program will give you anatomical knowledge and practical application exercise repertoire for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, head and neck.

Topics Covered:

  • Review the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, neck and head
  • Explore ways to mobilize the upper thoracic spine in order to achieve proper alignment of head, neck and shoulders
  • Learn how to incorporate small props such as the foam roller, magic circle and flex bands into an exercise program
  • Review optimal body positioning for the Pilates instructor while teaching clients
  • Learn how to design a home or studio program for both clients and Pilates teachers who want to focus on this area of the body

Cost*: early 75€ by Feb 20, 85€ after

 Both workshops: early 140€ by Feb 20


*Plus 24% VAT Tax


Friday & Saturday 09:00-10:30am–Workshop 3

Pilates Mat Marathon

This intensive, 1.5-hour session focuses on the multiple possibilities of the Mat Work, which is the foundation of the Pilates method. Approaching the Mat Work as a warm-up and conditioning routine for fit individuals and athletes, the Marathon Mat is challenging, invigorating and eye-opening. Based on the BASI approach to the work, the workshop flows like a meditation in motion, using both classical and contemporary exercises and featuring the BASI Flow Sequence.


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