Pilates Posture Cure for Desk Tension & Pain Workshop with Monique Martinengo, BASI faculty | NYSY Studios - NYSY Studios | Yoga – Pilates Academy | Athens, Greece
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Pilates Posture Cure for Desk Tension & Pain Workshop with Monique Martinengo, BASI faculty

Tuesday March 19th, 2019, 12:00-15:00 

Exercises for correct posture for desk bound people
Great release and freedom for Tight Shoulders & Tense Neck

Proper posture is the place in space where your body is in perfect alignment. All forces are balanced, meaning the muscles are working exactly as much as they should – not any more and not any less. 
Proper posture gives us space in our bodies. Space between joints, space in our lungs to breathe, space in our abdominal cavity for our organs to work correctly
Join Monique, in peeling away at the layers of ‘computer posture’ and ‘text neck’ and how to counter these habits through the Pilates Method. Let’s dive into ergonomics and what it means to be sitting at a desk most of the day, driving or looking down at your phone. Let’s create space!

Cost: 75 Euro
Register now at: 210-3232004

Monique Martinengo bio

Monique has a simple philosophy. Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours! Monique is the epitome of friendly, observant, understanding and professional. Not afraid to challenge herself, Monique has gone from studying Consumer Science to exploring Europe while working and cruising on a Yacht to diving into fashion retail. After a short yet very successful career in retail, Monique decided that her purpose was more personal, and she found her calling in the world of Pilates. In 2008, Monique qualified as a BASI Comprehensive instructor under the guidance of Theo Botha. Having found her niche, Monique joined Ashley Ritchie’s studio in Johannesburg and immediately hurled herself into learning and understanding the needs of clients and fellow instructors. Monique has always been active and pursued a healthy lifestyle from a young age. In her earlier years she participated and excelled in many sports. Ballet was one of her true loves, which inspired her to follow the journey of Pilates. Good movement and understanding the principles of Pilates are what inspire Monique today to ensure that as many people as she can reach understand the essence of moving freely and with ease. Monique continues with her own personal journey to learn and by doing so she ensures that her clients receive sessions that are current and relevant to their personal needs. Whether it is an individual session or group session, she delivers the same exceptional quality to ensure that her clients leave her studio feeling re-energised and inspired. Monique’s commitment to making a difference by doing what she loves has led her to become a BASI faculty member of which she is extremely honoured and incredibly proud to be part of such a dynamic global team. Monique truly values the guidance and continued education she receives from many of the incredible international leaders, which she passionately shares with everyone. Having done the Mentor Program, Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Innovations in Pilates to name a few, Monique thrives on learning and sharing this knowledge with her clients and students. With this extensive armoury, Monique teaches the BASI method within South Africa and has travelled to China and South Korea. She is embarking on visiting new territories to share her extreme passion of the BASI Pilates method.


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