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Breast Cancer Recovery through Pilates

Breast Cancer Recovery Through Pilates with Alexandra Rossopoulou at NYSY StudiosNYSY Academy Presents a BASI PILATES WORKSHOP,

“Breast Cancer Recovery through Pilates”
with Alexandra Rossopoulou, BASI Faculty

Saturday and Sunday May 9 -10, 2020 @ NYSY Studios

Sat: 12:00-19:00 pm (1 hour break)
Sun: 10:00 – 17:00pm (1 hour break)

This 2-day workshop will provide everything a Pilates teacher should know about breast cancer and rehabilitation in a comprehensive Pilates context. Alexandra guides attendees in learning how to help women after mastectomy and during the journey of reconstruction. She will also give more information about various therapies, symptoms, lympedema, the psychological state of women going through the treatment and rehabilitation process, and methods of rehabilitation. Students will learn about different methods of reconstruction and how to choose appropriate exercises accordingly. If there is a volunteer woman with breast cancer, Alexandra will demonstrate ways to work with her as a client and provide opportunities for discussion. Students will also plan classes based on different case studies.
Each day Alexandra will teach a Pilates class on the mat and apparatus.

Cost: Early bird price : 190€ reg. by March 10, 2020
After: 240€
V.A.T. 24% not included










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2 BASI Pilates Mat Workshops with Debora Taddei

1. Fat burning master mat class, 09:00-11:00
2. 3 hours BASI Pilates Mat with Props workshop, 13:00-16:00
(Theraband, Magic Circle, Foam roller)

Cost: Mat Masterclass : 30euro
3hr Workshop : 90 euro

Debora Taddei Bio


Debora Taddei, who is of Italian origin and born in Ireland, now BASI Pilates Faculty, has more than ten years experience helping people to improve their lives with Pilates, in her studio in Marbella, Spain. In 2004 she graduated as a Physical Therapist in the European University of Madrid (UEM) a career that has helped her to apply her therapeutic knowledge to Pilates in a profound and efficient manner.

Before embarking in the Pilate´s world, Debora had qualified as a professional Spanish and flamenco dancer in the Spanish Dance Conservatory of Granada (1991- 2000) . It was thanks to one of the teachers there that recommended her to do Pilates to correct a small spinal imbalance that she engaged with this method, that would completely change her life, both during her 9 years of Spanish dance school and her professional future.

Together with her colleague and great friend Guadalupe Ruíz-Giménez they founded their studio DARTE Pilates Marbella, where they also organise BASI Pilates teacher training courses as a host site and as licensees for the whole Spanish territory.










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