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BLOSSOM PROGRAM: 100 Hours, Abhaya Yoga Teaching Skills with Vivi Letsou

Sharpening our Skills, Blossoming as Teachers

In this 100 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training program you will learn to sharpen your teaching skills, overcome your fears and doubts, practice teaching, and blossom as a fully prepared, safe, and strong yoga teacher. Each weekend you will practice teaching a Complete Class Sequence with different focus:
Backbends, Inversions, Arm Balances, Seated Asanas, Restoratives, and Vinyasa Mix.
You will also learn to adapt these sequences to… 
Different Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced. 
Different Groups: Athletes, Older People, Pregnant Women, Special Needs. 

You will create your own Sequences, and come up with meaningful class Themes. This is the most creative and exciting part of the Abhaya Tree of Yoga Studies.
Upon graduation you will receive your, an international mark that you are an EXCELLENT YOGA TEACHER!

6 Weekends (plus optional Fridays)

1. March 17-19: Backbend Sequence 
2. April 7-9: Inversion Sequence 
3. April 21-23: Arm Balances Sequence 
4. May 5-7: Seated, Twists, Forward Bends, Restoratives Sequence 
5. May 19-21: Mixed Vinyasa Sequence 
6. June 2-5: Exams


Fridays 6:00-9:15pm–Optional
Saturdays & Sundays 9am-6pm

Topics Covered:

* Class Structure.
* Asana Sequencing.
* Creating Themes.
* Voice & Language.
* Observation Skills.
* Alignment Application & Review.
* Adjustments. Modifications.
* Therapeutics.
* How to Demonstrate an Asana.
* Finding our inner stance, power & responsibility.
* Career Planning & Business Practices.
* Personal Practice for us as Teachers.


Full Program Attendance
Successful Completion of Projects & Exams
20 Hours as Teaching Assistants in Class (free)


You completed parts 1-5 with full attendance, passed all your tests & exams, and met all the program requirements. Now you are ready for your

300 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher Diploma

You are fully qualified to start teaching yoga professionally and excel as a fearless and effective Abhaya Yoga Teacher! Or you can use everything you learned to take your life into the direction of your heart and step fearlessly into the world.

Up to 50% Scholarships based on the full TT price Available through NYSY Program: Action Pays Back!

Dates: 17/3/2016 – 05/6/2016

Prices & Registration:

Early Registration (before 4/2/2016)
Paid in advance — Graduates of NYSY Academy, 200 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher in Training Course : €960
Paid in Installments — Graduates of NYSY Academy, 200 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teacher in Training Course : € 1060

Late Registration: (from 4/2/2016)

Paid in advance — From other 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs : €1260
Paid in Installments — From other 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs : € 1360

Refund Policy:
(please read carefully): 

Up to 4 weeks Prior to Event: 50% refund 
Within 4 weeks of Event Start: Absolutely NO REFUND 
Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances 
* A 24% tax will be added to all of the above fees. 

Vivi Letsou, B.S., M.A., 
Certified Teacher: Yoga Alliance 500 hours, BASIPilates™,
Creator of Abhaya Yoga

After 22 years of living in California, Vivi left her film-making career and came back to Greece to live her dream. With her beloved husband, Eraj, and their amazing team they have build NYSY Academy for Yoga, Pilates, Health, and Avocado Vegetarian Café—two bright centers in the heart of Athens for positive living and community. 

Vivi has practiced Zen meditation for over 25 years under the guidance of her dear teacher, Reb Anderson. She also practiced and taught in the traditions of Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti Flow, Anusara Yoga, and BASI Pilates. 

Wanting to share a path of practice that combined a clear life philosophy, strong Yoga asana practice, and the courage to live fearlessly, Vivi has created Abhaya Yoga—Strong Alignment, Fearless Action, a path she loves to share with heroic yogis in Athens and around the world.

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