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2 Special BASI Pilates Workshops

Pilates Advanced Education


2 Special BASI Pilates Workshops

to perfect your Pilates Teaching



with Tali Hanoch




Monday January 21, 2019 -14:30-18:00


Enhancing Athletic Performance

Athletes represent a very specific population and as such special considerations should be applied to serving their needs.  This workshop will guide the instructor through the unique and valuable applications available for the athlete directly related to the Pilates method.  Challenging muscle groups with precision of movement in strength, flexibility and endurance, will provide the necessary tools to structure demanding, yet well rounded sessions, for the professional (or weekend) athlete in your studio.

Cost:  90€ + 24% V.A.T.



Tuesday January 22, 2019-12:00-15:30


The Art of Cueing

This course focuses on one of the most fundamental of all Pilates teaching skills, “cueing”. The basis for all communication between teacher and student, cueing demands great skill; information must be conveyed, received and integrated within milliseconds to bring about the desired result. Good cueing is integral to any skilled teaching session.

This exciting, in-depth workshop focuses on the various lines of communication between teacher and student. Participants take part in a series of cueing exercises and drills that enhance the necessary teaching skills for effective communication and successful teaching. Each cueing exercise teaches workshop participants how to better communicate with their clients through advancing their verbal, tactile and visual cueing skills.

Cost90€ + 24% V.A.T.



Tali Hanoch Bio

A former Ballet dancer with the “Israeli Ballet dance company”, Tali has been a Pilates practitioner and devotee since the age of 17. She completed BASI® comprehensive course in 1998 led by Rael Isacowitz, at BASI® headquarters in California and has worked and taught closely with Rael in his studio following graduation. She was invited to join the BASI® faculty in 2000 shortly after opening her studio in Tel Aviv. Currently residing in sunny Israel, Tali is married and is a proud mom of three boys. she works with private clients, teaches workshops and certification courses as one of BASI’s proud team of international teachers and also serves as a consultant to studio owners and teachers helping them create and maintain a well-balanced, functional and progressive Pilates program for their studio and clients. Tali is also a certified Booty Barre® instructor, a certified Health coach who graduate from IIN (Institute for integrative nutrition) in 2011 and a blue belt holder in BJJ from the Gracie Academy® in CA.

Being passionate about movement and driven by making a difference and creating real lasting change, in the world and in the body and lives of her clients and students Tali is inspired and motivated by Joseph Pilates’ work and words:

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Joseph Pilates



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