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Sati Dynamic Experience

Sati Dynamic Experience with Evi Choutou offers sequence of exercises made of multi-axial movements to stimulate all muscle chains and joints.

November 29, 2018


Sati Dynamic Experience

Get in touch with your energy with Evi Choutou

Sati Dynamic Experience with Evi Choutou

The Functional SATI Dynamic method offers sequence of exercises made of multi-axial movements to stimulate all muscle chains and joints. The goal is to improve all our physical skills (such as strength, endurance, coordination, balance) and to give us awareness of what we can really do.

Evi Choutou Bio Evi Choutou

Evi Choutou is from Athens, Greece. Lived in Rome, Italy for almost 20 years. Currently, she is working in both countries. She has been spending most of her life practicing sports and working in the wellness world. She oriented her studies in identifying all those disciplines that can serve in improving life quality. Although some of them are of a huge value, they don’t adapt easily to the present moment. Therefore she started looking for the “missing component” and for the way to insert them in our current context.

Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning, she is a Bio-Architecture and Feng Shui consultant. Naturopath with specialization in natural nutrition, kinesiologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is passionate about functional training and expressive art therapies. She is the author and editor for the wellbeing magazine Piubenessere and examines thoroughly everything that can raise the quality of life.

Her studying, professional experience and travelling brings her to focus on her vocation. The research of wellbeing throughout all of our layers. As a result, the SATI Dynamic (Sensorial Awareness Training & Inspiration) method arrives to promote awareness and conscious choice on:

  • the environment where we live, work and move (our house is our third skin)
  • our lifestyle and our life rhythm… (direct contact with nature and healthy habits)
  • a healthy body, mind and heart training
  • healthy personal and social relationships
  • any kind of art and activity able to raise creativity, spirituality and personal growth.



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