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BASI Pilates & Dance: Enliven Your Practice with Rhythm & Tempo, Movement & Pause Dance training principles applied to the BASI Block System

with Fabio Caracci, BASI Pilates Faculty,  Ballet Dancer for “Opera of Rome” & “English National Ballet”

A unique 6 Hour Training for PilatesTeachers and Dancers, in 3 programs


Program 1, 1 hr : 09:00-10:00
Dance inspired Mat Pilates

Moving with Rhythm in a BASI Pilates Mat class, will allow us to have fun, feel the tempo with our body and hear, and put a new BEAT TO OUR PRACTICE!! Α BASI Pilates Masterclass for EVERYONE, not just for dancers!

Program 2, 3hr: 10:30-13:30
Theory and practice on Mat & Equipment

How to incorporate Dance Movements & Tempo into Pilates Practice & Teaching
– Moving with Rhythm of: our Breath, the metronome, and Dance Music
– Mobility of the extremities of the appendicular skeleton: port de bras,feet articulation
– Finding reasons for body stillnesses during the work and ways to inhabit it .
– Practical use of breath and set of repetitions : anticipation or surprise?

Program 3, 2hr: 14:00-16:00
Dance & Music on Equipment Workout

Fly with Rhythm, and Flow in a new PILATES way!
A unique combination of Pilates exercises set to music and informed by the basic ballet foot movements on the reformer, Wunda, and other Pilates Equipment.

1hr masterclass: 35 euro
2hr workshop: 65 euro
3 hr workshop: 95 euro

24% V.A.T. is not included


About Fabio Caracci

Fabio Caracci was born in Rome and graduated as a ballet dancer from the Opera of Rome school. He had an extensive dance career performing with prestigious ballet companies including English National Ballet, Les Ballets des Montecarlo, Aterballetto and Theater Basel. The practise of Pilates has been his main tool to improve dance technique and prevent injuries and found in the BASI principles a fulfilling and rewarding continuity for his professional life.

In 2010 he completed the CTTC with Natascha Eyber and continued his BASI education attending various workshops and certificate courses from Rael Isacowitz and several BASI Faculties.

Fabio holds education degrees in dance pedagogy from the French Ministry of Culture and in sports from the Ministry of Sports and Health. He is a guest teacher for several Dance Conservatoires and Sports Federations for Pilates methodology, anatomy , analysis of functional movement , and dance pedagogy.

Since April 2017 he is a member of to the BASI faculty team.



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