Teresa Blunt



Teresa Blunt is from England, and has been living in Greece since 1988. She learned Body Control – a Pilates-based technique in Athens at Jenny Colebourne’s Illium Centre. Impressed with the improvements in her own body, she undertook the Teacher Training Course in 1995-96, and has been teaching Pilates ever since. In her 10 years of working as a Pilates trainer she has had a chance to work with people of all ages and body types, and was able to see many clients improve drastically. She places special focus on breathing, and uses a variety of techniques to get students to connect with their deep abdominals. At NYSY Studios she also leads professional seminars for Pilates teachers on the following subjects: Breathing & the Deep Abdominals, Reformer, Wunda Chair, and others. She also has been working with Spineworks therapy since 2001; her intuitive skills and sensitivity have allowed her to help many people and recover from stress and pain related conditions. Teresa also practices Reiki and Time Therapy.