Sophia Mavridou

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Sophia Mavridou

Sofia directs NYSY Studios, having become a fundamental member of the NYSY team, with tasks ranging from the day-to-day management of Studio to the organization of our annual seminars and big events.

Sofia was born and raised in Athens. She has a BSc in ‘’Shipping Finance’’ from the University of Piraeus in Greece and an MSc in ‘’International Studies’’ from the University of Aston in the UK. She has worked as a financial advisor in shipping for almost 18 years.

During 2004 she started practicing Hatha yoga and after 10 years of practice, she decided to go deeper into her practice and became a 500 hrs Yoga Alliance Certified teacher. During 2016, she decided to quit her job in shipping and set out on a truth seeking journey both internally and externally. After travelling for several months, she met Vivi and NYSY Studios team and with all her love and passion for yoga, she joined us! Today, she continues to build up her knowledge around yoga philosophy and practice with Abhaya Yoga principles as a torch! She believes that when you are true to yourself and to others, the universe opens up its doors and offers you it’s amazing gifts!