Yoga Therapeutics

with Naime Jezzeny


November 9th – 13th, 2016


Program 1:

Therapeutics Training for Yoga and other Exercise Teachers & Students

35 Hours



– Human Movement Science/ Σύγχρονη Επιστήμη Κινησιολογίας

– Dynamic Postural Assessment/Ανάλυση Στάσης

– Human Movement Impairments/Κινησιολογικές Δυσκολίες

– Static & Dynamic Misalignments/Στατικές & Δυναμικές Ανισορροπίες

– Range of Motion Assessment/ Ανάλυση Εύρους Κίνησης

– Self Myofacial Release/ Τεχνικές Απελευθέρωσης Συνδετικού Ιστού

– Scientific Rational for Stretching/Επιστημονική Προσέγγιση Διατάσεων

– Isolated Strengthening Techniques/Ειδικές Τεχνικές Διατάσεων

Τherapeutics for

– Foot—Ankle/Πέλμα-Αστράγαλος

– Knee/Γόνατο

– Limb-Pelvic-Hip Complex/Ισχία-Λεκάνη

– Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist/Ώμος, Αγκώνας, Καρπός

– Neck/Αυχένας


November 9th- 13th


Wed.-Sat.: 10:30am-6 :00pm

Sat. & Sun. : 10:30-3:30pm



By October 9: 565€*

After: 610€*


Program 2:

Dynamic Yoga Practice with Naime

Wednesday-Friday    8-10am         Morning Dynamic Practice

Sunday :                     5-7pm            Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop


By October 9:  108€* All 4 sessions, or 30€*/workshop

After:  128€* All 4 sessions, or 40€*/workshop

Refund Policy:
(please read carefully): 

Up to 4 weeks Prior to Event: 50% refund 
Within 4 weeks of Event Start: Absolutely NO REFUND 
Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances 
* A 24% tax will be added to all of the above fees.


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