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Yoga Therapy can be stated as an answer to three basic questions: What effect? Where the effect? On whom the effect?

Without comprehensive understanding of these three Applications would be waste of time and leads to himsa, hence not Yoga.

The Individual is the ONLY focus in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. And complete and comprehensive understanding of him is the prerequisite.

Human constitution is complex. It is constituted by 5 different but inseparably inter-woven components. Every individual is unique, one of a kind. It is because of the presence of Individualised Distinct Constitutional Peculiarities  (IDCP). Observation of this IDCP is the basis in the understanding of an individual.
Observation is the only way 

  • to study, verify and to confirm IDCP in every individual.
  • to analyse the effect of IDCP on other parts of the constitution.
  • to infer the possible future complications due to IDCP.
  • to select the proper techniques to bring out the desired therapeutic effect.
  • to modify appropriately to suit the individual and the requirement.
  • to apply the techniques in a progressive way.

Observation is a practical Science, and hence has to be learnt through practical way. Principles of Observation will be discussed in the morning sessions. In the afternoon there are 2 workshop sessions, where the participants are guided into the science of Observation.
“Yoga therapy and observation skill” 

  • 1 hour: The need for observation in yoga therapy
  • 2 hour: Principles of observation
  • 3 hour: Application of observatory findings in YT
  • Lunch Break
  • Work shop 1 & discussion (1.5 hours)
  • Work shop 2 & discussion (1.5 hours)

Practitioners and Teachers of Yoga and Yoga Therapy make use of this opportunity to:

  • Refresh your understanding
  • Clarify all your doubts
  • Strengthen your clarity on the principles and practice of OBSERVATION

In a practical and workshop manner.


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