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3 Hours Dynamic Fire Surya Yoga Masterclass with Petros Haffenrichter

Saturday April 4th, 2020 / 16:00-19:00

3 Hours Dynamic Fire Surya Yoga Masterclass with Petros Haffenrichter : Lose, Find, Rediscover Balance, through a fun & challenging Fire Yoga Practice

* Value
Early: 35€ by March 1
Regular: 45€ after March 2

All Asana-practice is meant to work on a energetic level through the body layers from gross to subtle. Immerse yourself in a complete and exciting yoga journey, through this playful afternoon where you will learn and experience all kinds of challenging, inspiring, and stimulating asanas. The key to balance that you will discover in this workshop is generosity. It is our tendency to “HOLD” our balance that makes it shaky and difficult. Yoga offers a liberating alternative to finding balance from our courageous inner side. This great class for all levels explores the many ways in which we can challenge our ability to maintain a generous heart while faced with difficult circumstances.


Sunday April 5, 2020/ 10:30-13:30

3 Hours Cooling Chadra Masterclass with Petros Haffenrichter: Be like water – Mellow Asana Practice, delving deep with Pranayama & Meditation 

Early: 35€ by March 1
Regular: 45€ after March 2

Dive into the deepest possible connection with the Divine: Sound. Petros will guide us through amazing patterns of movement and sound.

Asana is a basic activity in our life. There is only one Asana: the quality of our relationship with that which is the foundation for our being – the relationship to Nature (which is always our Nature). The physio-energetic dynamics within us are a mirror of all dynamic life-processes in the universe. Becoming aware of these processes is the key to comprehending unity and universality. Specific practices and the experience of how to direct strength and attention lead to this awareness. In this workshop we will study the relationship between Bandha (energy-locks), Chakra (energy-centers), Vayu (movement of subtle energies in the physical and energetical body), Tattwa (elements), and Nadam (Sound). A journey of re-discovery and reconnection with our own Nature through Sound and beyond…

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